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Announcing New Embed Support for Getty Images …

This is a huge new resource for bloggers and website owners…

Announcing New Embed Support for Getty Images — Blog —


Great offer on Adobe Lightroom from


Adobe CS5.5--available nowAdobe Lightroom 4 offer from Amazon have a great offer on at the moment where you can get Adobe Lightroom 4 – the latest version, for only GBP 69.99 when purchasing another camera accessory.  I use Lightroom for all my image cataloguing, editing, printing and publishing – it’s a simply superb piece of software which handles my 200,000 image catalogue with ease.

The offer ends Aug 31st, so if you have been thinking of getting Lightroom, now’s the time to go for it!  Click here to go through to the Amazon page.

And remember, as a long time Lightroom user and trainer I can do 1 to 1 sessions any time if you want a session to get yourself up to speed.  If you are interested, just book a 1 to 1 session at


Microsoft Office on the iPad

Finally, a working solution to using full featured MS Office applications on my iPad! When I first bought my now ageing iPad (version 1) the most important thing I found myself looking for after the initial few days of wonder had passed was a way to edit my MS Office created documents on this wonderful, portable tablet. Nothing really existed which would do it – Pages claims to be compatible but isn’t for anything other than the most basically formatted documents, but I tried it anyway, but never really got to grips with the different interface you have to adopt.

There are various business apps such as the one I bought as the best of the available functionality – DocsToGo, and it has been OK, but it doesn’t do what I really wanted – give me seamless editing of MS Office documents and the same menus and commands etc. as I have become used to from many years of laptop use.

So imagine my surprise when I came across what appears to be the answer to all my Office prayers whilst browsing the free apps in the app Store this week. No fanfare about this in the tech press, no highlight in my normal AppsGoneFree – source of many useful and otherwise hidden gems.

The app in question is called CloudOn! and the website, which will link you to the Apple and Android apps stores to download it, is at

iPad Screenshot 1

MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint are all supported, and it’s just like being in your laptop copy of the same application.  If you are a Microsoft user, and have been waiting for a proper way to edit and maintain your documents across platforms, this seems to be it!

iPad Screenshot 3

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Free eBooks for your eReader scans Amazon for free eBooks, price drops and other items of interest to Kindle owners and also Nook.

Each day you get an email with links to all the new additions to the Amazon store which are free, each link having a short synopsis and icon of the eBook cover. Some days there are only one or two, some days there might be a couple of dozen. Of course, many are not going to be of interest, but since getting my Kindle a few months back I’ve been pleasantly surprised at some of the gems I’ve uncovered here. As an avid reader I’ve always had a houseful of books and spent far too much on new ones, but my book spend has decreased significantly since finding this site, and my shelves are not having half as much new weight added to them. Bad news for my local bookshop, but it means the baby gets fed :).

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