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Essential accessories – a Polarising Filter

A polarising filter is an essential piece of kit for anyone who shoots out of doors. It screws into the front end of your lens – if you have different lenses you may need to get different filters for each one – and gets rid of haze, saturates colours and enables you to minimise or eliminate reflections from water and glass surfaces.

There are 2 kinds, but the one you need is a CPL – Circular Polarising Filter.  It rotates independently of the lens to which it is attached, and you can see the effect it has on your shot as you look through your viewfinder.

If you put one of these on you can remove the UV or Skylight filter as you don’t need both.

This YouTube video from DSLR is an excellent introduction to the basic use of a polarising filter in landscape photography

Do you have any more tips for polarising filters? If so, please share them as a comment 🙂

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