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Useful night photography app for iOS – NightCap

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NightCap is a great addition to your iPhone or iPad photographic apps kit. Where most camera apps either rely on the iDevice flash in low light, or otherwise produce really grainy images when no flash is used, NightCap allows much longer shutter speeds – up to 1 second – which according to their blurb allows up to 15 times more light to register.

Of course, you have to hold the phone VERY still for these longer exposures, but if you can anchor the phone on a surface or against a wall, or even better put it on some kind of tripod, then the low light images which result are far far better than anything else I’ve seen from an iCamera.

In the settings there is an Auto mode and a Manual mode, and I found the buttons to switch between these 2 unresponsive and hard to change between. However, once selected, both modes work well, with the Manual mode enabling a slider which allows you to select your preferred shutter speed up to 1 second in duration – and as you increase the length of the shutter speed you get immediate feedback as the picture on screen brightens, making this a useful way to gain good control over the look of the final image.

This app can be purchased from App Store by clicking on the icon above.


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One thought on “Useful night photography app for iOS – NightCap

  1. motorno olje
    Very nice opinion, cheers.

    Posted by motorno olje | March 21, 2012, 9:03 am

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