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Keep up to date on new apps for your iDevice

The Apple AppStore has hundreds of thousands of apps, and if you own an iDevice then keeping up to date with new apps can be a matter of seeing what your friends have come across. I downloaded a great little app a few months back which has become a regular in my early morning news trawl – AppAdvice.

It’s a feed of reviews of new apps, plus curated collections of “best of” on a whole variety of different themes. Very useful for checking out the best apps in different categories as well as staying up to date on useful additions to your iPhone or iPad which don’t make it to the top of the AppStore charts.

An example of an app which I came across this way is Dermandar – see my earlier blog post – a brilliant panorama app for your iPhone or iPad 2 (it only installs on iDevices with a camera).

Download it from the AppStore here.

The website is at


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